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More Free Poker Lessons. KK, or AK when you limp. you would be making a terrible fold.

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This article should give you some background information on odds and probability for the poker hands AA vs AK. Odds and.KK vs AK flop 58K turn A river A of course it can happen but why me all the frigging time. 28th January 2012. Use a poker odds calculator you dipshits.

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Limit holdem starting hands, by position. All AK. All AQ. All. Short-handed starting hands Texas holdem poker odds Poker links Poker articles and book.

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The Math Behind 3bet Bluffing. which reduces the likelihood of villain having a hand like AK or KK. Finding the answer requires only a simple pot odds...Jacks and Queens are two of the toughest hands to play in poker,. when playing JJ and QQ,. weaker hands and garner calls from KK, AA and sometimes AK.

Hows your odds if you reraise all in preflop with AK in 6 man or 9 man. AK vs. QQ is 46-54 same vs JJ vs kk 29%-30%.

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The odds of being dealt AA is like 220 to 1 image the odds of KK and AA dealt in same hand.

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What are some circumstances where one should fold pocket queens.Learn all about reverse implied odds in this detailed explanation of the concept. KK, QQ, AK and AQ. Reverse Implied Odds in Poker.I just lost going all in with KK, just wondering what my odds are here.Although odds are you will enter numerous coin flips in each.A mini poker school for poker starting hands. KK 77. 77 22. Suited. hands Short-handed starting hands Texas holdem poker odds Poker links Poker articles.

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The following tables provide various probabilities and odds for many of the.

Quick and simple questions on basic odds, outs and percentages.

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In a poker tournament, should I always call all. expect to run into AK, KK, TT and other strong hands.

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AK would be drawing dead vs. 99 on a 962 board as even hitting two Aces or Kings in.I found another pretty good article at Card Player about Playing Big Slick.

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In the last poker guide, the basics of pot odds were discussed regarding when to call.

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