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Though the book was first published in 1975, it is still one of the most comprehensive books on blackjack strategy including card counting, odds and indexes for a number of blackjack.

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Card Counting Edge by True Count. The two charts posted assumed a full set of Blackjack card counting indexes.Hey guys, After reading several blackjack forums on this question, I came to the decision on keeping my KO system for Double Deck.First appearing in Playing Blackjack as a Business, by Lawrence Revere, the Revere Point Count (RPC) is an advanced, balanced card counting system.

Blackjack is a surprisingly easy. card counting coaching Posted by.In Traverse City Michigan - Gambling Help Uk. slots free buffalo blackjack counting indexes blackjack.Some blackjack experts have sworn that card counting Spanish 21 offers only a negligible advantage and thus is not.Let me say loud and clear that card counting is hard and is not as rewarding as television and the movies make it out to be.

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Add or minus one point to your count for every card dealt with this simple counting system.High-Low Card Counting Strategy Introduction by The Wizard of Odds. Truth and fiction about the movie about the MIT card counting team.A complete guide to card counting, including a listing of card counting systems and methods.

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These are the 18 most important index plays for card counters that will increase their advantage against the house.

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A complete blackjack card counting system designed to teach you how to beat the game of blackjack for big profits.

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First attempt at a Java Blackjack game. printing, and counting.

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Blackjack card counting software. CVData Index Chart Viewer.

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Illustrious 18 Trainer Requires Flash 8 Illustrious 18 table.

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The more indexes that a card counter uses, the higher the advantage.

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Blackjack card counting software. unlike KO, it has only one index value for all indexes and the same indexes and value for double deck and six decks.

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Offers advice and tips on how to count cards in blackjack using the popular K-O card counting system.